Cool Beans System Info is a small but powerful program that monitors your computer's CPU, physical memory, and swap memory usage.  Version 2 was rewritten from scratch, and adds network monitoring, a task manager, dual-processor support, and enhanced visual effects.  Cool Beans System Info is freeware.

Current version: - 10/24/03

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  • Displays CPU, physical memory, and swap file usage
  • Dual processor support
  • Fully functional task manager, showing running tasks, processes, and threads
  • Network monitoring
  • Network stopwatch for clocking Internet downloads
  • Displays important Windows folders
  • Displays system "up time"
  • Floating windows, showing individually monitored variables in separate windows
  • Operating system information
  • Extensive CPU information
  • Runs in your system tray
  • Supports Windows 2000 and XP alpha blending for a "transparent' look and feel
  • Fixed alpha blending and "variable" alpha blending, which adjust opacity depending upon the value of the monitored variable
  • Windows borders are toggable
  • Snapping to screen edges
  • Totally unobtrusive - graph windows are resizable
  • Customizable graph colors and other display options
  • Check for updates from within program
  • Help file
  • And more...



Standard three-pane view, showing CPU, RAM, and swap file.  Green and blue numbers show network transfer rates.

CPU usage shown in separate, "floating" window.

CPU usage in separate window with Windows border enabled.

CPU usage in separate window in "enhanced" mode.  RAM and swap file can also be viewed in separate, floating windows, as above.

Floating Network window, displaying upload and download rates in bar charts and in a time series graph to the right.

RAM in floating window.  Background of graph is in transparent mode, showing only the graph's edges and its progress.



The Network Stopwatch


The "General" tab of System Information


The "Tasks" tab of System Information


The "Processes" tab of System Information


The "CPU" tab of System Information


The "Folders" tab of System Information


The "Network" tab of System Information


Program History
  • Initial public release
  • Network window now properly saves "Always on Top" setting
  • Network Stopwatch bug fixed
  • Ini file now saves on settings change
  • Installer bug fixed - NT4 now supported
  • Windows in "enhanced" mode now retain size and position
  • Upload / download colors no longer flipped in certain graphs
  • Program now shuts itself down on major application errors
  • Exception handling includes detailed bug report for easier troubleshooting


Minimum system requirements:

  • 120MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP operating system
  • A color monitor with a VGA card

Recommended system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium II processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system
  • 800x600 screen resolution and 16-bit or higher color mode



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